Our approach is holistic because we experienced that often the pain and the real problem are in different spots. Every client has a different character, psychology and lifestyle, so we adjust the treatment for every single client. That makes the recover much faster and effective. 

"The clients are like glasses, with different shapes.. The physiotherapist is like water, and the water takes the shape of the glass" (G.P. Simonetta)

I graduated as Physical Therapist at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam. Then I enrolled to the master in Pediatric Physiotherapy. I am specialized in the treatment of children and their motor development. I treat children from 0 to 14 years old from babies to teenagers with orthopedic complaints. I teach children to bike, jump, write in the correct manner according to him/her wishes of the parents. Do you have any doubt about the motor development of your child? Did the teacher at school say that your child’s handwriting is not readable of your or the gym teacher realized your child has difficulty to perform a motor activity? Does your child run not alike other children? I'll be really happy to help you! (Maggie)


I know Gian Paolo for almost 2 years, in which I have learned a lot from him. His methods matches with my view and concept of physiotherapy, so I am really happy to be a part of the family. I hope my enthusiasm will be a good addition to the team! (Matthijs)